About ICA

International Corporate Advisory Pte Ltd (ICA) is a Singapore-based, British-owned company that provides corporate and secretariat advice and services to clients around the world. We offer ongoing, personalised service to ensure that our clients are tax, local and corporate compliant every step of the way. We help you manage and stay abreast on the regulatory and compliance issues, so you can focus on the growth and management of what’s important to you.

We are an affiliate of Tax Associates International (TAI), a company that provides specialist cross-border tax consultancy and services. Through our partnership with TAI, we are able to advise on the most tax efficient solutions for your business by taking all its international entities and plans for development into consideration.

While we have ongoing relationships with a number of audit and accountancy firms across the world and can recommend various ones to our clients, our advice and services are independent of any one of them, which means our clients are free to select on their own the one that they feel suits them best. 


ICA is treats each of its client’s cases with individual care. We perform more than the administrative functions of a corporate secretarial agent. Besides the usual company administration, ICA can offer advice and suggestions and other forms of assistance in resolving corporate and statutory issues. Our qualified experts will review each company establishment and suggest the best solutions in helping you get off the ground, taking into consideration tax implications, liabilities and statutory and/or local compliance.


ICA has an advantage that it works directly with TAI. TAI provides multi-jurisdictional tax advice, planning and tax filing. Please see www.tai.com.sg for further details. ICA, therefore, can provide not only the administrative services of setting up companies and secretarial work, but can also help our clients in establishing legal, cross-border tax effective structures to ensure that they are not overpaying taxes. TAI can further assist in the ongoing tax filing for the companies that ICA sets up for its clients.


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